Emotional intelligence for parents

Dear reader! It is a fact that emotional intelligence for parents is as essential as is food for life because the future of upcoming generations is in their hands. If you succeed in guiding your children on right track, the future of your children will be bright and tension free.

In this regard, emotional intelligence for parents can prove an effective and successful tool in handling children.

No doubt, parents are the people who prepare future generations.

To understand emotions, parents need to be expert in using emotional intelligence tools which will help them know not only their own emotions but also of those who are around them. So, it is crucial to get mastery in emotional intelligence for parents in order to grow children smoothly with confidence.

Before evaluating emotional intelligence for parents, we see what emotional intelligence is and how it works.

Emotional intelligence (Emotional intelligence for parents)

Emotional intelligence is the capability to understand our own emotions and of those who are in our surrounding. The idea of emotional intelligence demands that we must have self-awareness which enables us to identify mind-set and manage our emotions. Its fame is connected with the great success of Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence, Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, in 1995.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence for parents is necessary in order to raise children successfully. It is your duty as parents to get mastery in emotional intelligence.

Emotionally intelligent parents don’t ignore their child’s behavior and permit her to do as she likes. They are to focus on their child’s behavior time to time. Emotional intelligent parents try to understand what is happening to their child and they manage thceir child’s emotions smoothly.

It is good idea that we should try to know how emotionally intelligent parents look like and what impact they have on children and other family members.

Qualities of emotionally intelligent parents

Every parent must know the following characteristics of an emotionally intelligent parent.

Qualities of emotionally intelligent parents

Listen more, judge less

It is essential for every parent, especially mother. As a parent, you should listen more and judge less to understand your child in a better way.

As a parent with emotional intelligence, you are more likely to listen to your child when her emotions are high and should try to recognize what is going on.

For each and every parent, it is needed to recognize child’s emotions and the reasons behind it. It will have good impact on parent as well as child.

Feelings need to be expressed

Being sensible parent, you ought to accept strong emotions. If you live with teenagers, you will be able to know that emotions can run very high. Remember that emotionally intelligent parent knows that feelings need to be uttered rather than bottled up, and permitted to be annoying.

Some parents also believe that there is nothing as awful as a child who can’t give voice to in a family; however, there are some behaviors that are unacceptable. As a Parent, you must know that your child is not bad but it is her behavior which is unfavorable.

Emotionally intelligent parent is always ready and knows how to tackle such emotions of the child in good manner. A healthy expression of emotions is its impact.

Focus on the present (Emotional intelligence for parents)

As a Parent, you are supposed to focus on the present if you want to overcome present problems and achieve solutions. It will be much beneficial for the future of the child as well. Not only you but also every parent should follow the famous quote,

 “You should take care of today and tomorrow will take care of it”.

Mostly parents focus on future.

In common routine, it has been observed that child usually focuses on present which can be provoking to a task-oriented future focused parent. If we lower our level, we are more likely to pick up how child is feeling, and importantly help her understand and manage her mood and emotions. If it is done, its results are happy family and less stress felt at home.

Parents’ rules to determine discipline  

Parents are supposed to use rules rather than their moods to determine discipline. Some parents set discipline according to their moods which is not good. If parents themselves feel good, they give children abundance of easygoingness. Contrary to it, if they themselves feel bad, they humiliate their child on every little thing.

It’s convenient and beneficial for the parents to stick to the family and house rules which make them more predictable, for which the child is really craving for. It brings consistency in good parenting.

Language of love and peace (Emotional intelligence for parents)

Being emotionally intelligent parent, you should develop a language of love and peace that creates sound and peaceful atmosphere among the feelings of all the family members. You must remember that a family develops such vocabulary about the things that are important and increases devotion and happiness among the members.

If a child belongs to a sports’ lover family, she will certainly have a rich vocabulary around their selected sports. The same grows link for emotional intelligence. If, being parent, you truly value building emotional intelligence; in your child, it will develop a rich vase of words that will help her describe how she feels.

Language of love and peace

This vocabulary will surely stay with your child for life. Its impact is prodigious as it results better relationships later in life at work and with family members.

It has been seen that when rage and concern has never been so high in families, there is a huge need for a parental training that includes emotional intelligence. Most of you, as parents, struggle in the area of helping your children understand and manage their emotions because they’ve never had any training in it. They didn’t learn it from their parents, and haven’t learned it at work as well.

So, they must learn how to become emotionally intelligent parents and it is easy to be learned. It can be learned.

For parenting ideas, emotional intelligence is central to the work, the parents do.

It is an acknowledged fact that the parents, who have expertness in emotional intelligence, can raise their child easily and happily.

Research has proved that child who has parents versed in emotional intelligence is more likely to be skilled and happier to enjoy better relationship and experience that leads her to success.

In a nutshell

Emotional intelligence for parents is of great value because emotionally intelligent parents know not only their own emotions but also of their own children. Understanding and regulating of emotions lead to success and happiness.

By: Prof Ajmal Dass Jaipal

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