Positive Discipline Strategies in Parenting

If you, as a parent, compare discipline and punishment then discipline is the practice of training the child to obey the rules made by you for child’s betterment. And punishment is one step harder than discipline. Parents give punishment to their children due to lack of obedience and violation of discipline. Positive discipline strategies in parenting play a crucial part for children’s proper physical, mental, and social training.

On the other side, punishment forces your child to adopt ruthless behavior and lack of obedience. So, you, as a parent, should make some discipline strategies which are easy for children to obey them.

Now let us try to explain some positive discipline strategies in parenting.

Observe some limitations with your child

Extra frank environment proves either good or bad for children. Frank environment makes children less afraid. Sometimes, it proves good for children because children do whatever they think and improves the ability of decision making, self- dependence and doing work without stress.

The very first among discipline strategies in parenting is putting some limitations, not complete curfew. Complete curfew bonds the children in certain boundaries. You, as a parent, set some limitations against those things that are bad and detract the innocent children.

In some way, limitations allow your children to demand those things that are beneficial for them.

Give reward on good behavior and work

Another important strategy among positive discipline strategies in parenting is giving reward to your child on her good behavior and work. When you, as a parent, appreciate your child’s behavior, it works as a fuel to speed up your child’s progress.

As a parent, you should cherish child’s good work and behavior; this thing accelerates her passion and working ability. Giving reward on good behavior and work can boost up children’s thinking criteria, power of self-decision and confidence.

Don’t expect perfection

The concept of perfection is mostly wrong. Every person has some deficiencies and faults in her personality. In this way, it is completely wrong to expect perfection from your child.

Mention it in your positive discipline of parenting that you, as a parent, ignore the mistakes of your child. This thing makes positive discipline in parenting more effective and in this way your child will also be close to you in every condition.

So, for effective parenting, keep in mind that expectation of perfection is rarely fulfilled. So, try your best to ignore the mistakes of your child.

Avoid physical punishment

Physical punishment is the second name of mental pressure and stress and this thing rapidly decreases the natural ability of children. Physical punishment also makes child’s behavior strict and rough.

When you make positive discipline strategies in parenting, specially focus on this thing that your punishment destroys the hope of parenting in your child. Because, children are expecting polite behavior from parents and you punish them on little mistakes, it is wrong.

In a nutshell, physical punishment is not a solution of every problem. You, as a parent, should ignore blunders of their youngsters and try to teach and motivate child in a polite way.

Focus on the reasons of mistakes

When you, as a parent, set up some positive discipline strategies in parenting, focus on the reason of mistakes; instead of punishment. For effective parenting, your first strategy is to know the problem and reason of the problem.

When you know about the basic reason of mistake, you can easily solve the problem and reason of mistake and you can motivate your younger knowing her problems in the best positive way.

Here, the main problem is that parents do not focus on the reasons of mistakes and create stressed environment that is very harmful and risky for children’s mental condition and health and also for future self- esteem.

Motivate children instead of scolding

It is noted that in human nature, love, affability and politeness are the basic tools that attract people closely. Everybody knows the language of love. Motivation with polite behavior has great impact on others.

As a parent, you motivate your child instead of scolding, because harshness makes children’s behavior ungentle. If you demotivate your child, instead of better parenting, she can adopt violated behavior.

In a nutshell

To cut the story into short while talking about the positive discipline strategies in parenting, you a as parent, motivate, teach and behave in a polite and cherishing way with your child.

Making some limitations instead of complete curfew, not expecting perfection, giving reward on good behavior and work, focusing on the reason of mistakes and avoiding physical punishment motivate your children rather than scolding.

As a parent, follow these positive discipline strategies in parenting and nurture your child in the best possible way.

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