build friendship with your kids

The most important and honest relationship of kids is which is without any greed and harmful desire. Children judge, learn and adopt those things in the world which are around them.

If you, as a parent, build friendship with your kids when they are growing and changing, you will determine whether or not they are safe, secure and happy.

By building friendship with your kids, you are able to know your kids’ problems and solve these problems in a good way. Your friendly relationship with your children is also a foundation from which they will build their future relationship.

You can build friendship with your kids by following these ways. Let’s move on the ways that are beneficial for building child-parent positive relationship.

Make/Manage time for your kids

It is often difficult for parents and kids to get together for family meet and spend time together. You can build a friendship with your kids by spending time with them and the 4D time management formula will be quite helpful in this regard.

Kids need more attention than adolescents, so, you, as a parent, when try to build a friendship with your kids, don’t divide your attention on other things like T.V, mobile phones, computer, and other things while talking with your kids.

Make a daily routine to spend time with your kids. For example, get up early in the morning and enjoy breakfast with your children. Make a timetable for your kids; create a “special night” each week to do some special which makes child-parent relation friendly.

Understand your child

Friendship is the name of understanding and knowing each other. When you know about your child and understand her, you can easily build friendship with your child. As much as possible, have time to talk to your children, this may help you in gaining information and understanding your children. Asking questions will allow your children to share their feelings to you. And you can easily under-stand the thinking criteria and build friendship with your kids.

Instead of scolding, teach your child

Scolding is not the solution of problems and mistakes. If you want that your child behaves with you like a friend then teach her in such a way while discussion they feel no fear from you. To build friendship with your kids motivate and teach them in story telling way that they feel no boredom. Treat them in such a way that their self-esteem is not affected.

When parents want to build friendship with their kids, they need to develop friendly environment instead of stressed and fearful environment and that thing can make your child more confident and strong.

Listen attentively to your child

Friendship is built when two friends listen and talk to each other. Listening is a trick by which you can win other’s heart by paying full attention. So you as a parent when listen to your child, pay full attention to your child showing empathy. When your child attracts toward you, this is the first step towards friendship.

Listen to your kids because they believe you and consider you the most kind-hearted personality for them.

In a nutshell, you build friendship with your kids by giving them attention, listening to their problems carefully and solving them.

Be patient with your child

Try to be patient with your children because children copy those things that they learn from their parents and family. Remember it, when you want to build friendship with your kids; keep in mind that kids learn social and emotional intelligence skills from you. So, you should behave and react patiently in every matter. It is sure that your children follow you considering you a role model.

Accept your child in every condition

When you ignore the mistakes of your children and motivate them in positive and patient way; then, this thing smoothens the way of friendship between you and your child.

In the practical life, you have observed that friends ignore little mistakes. So, you as a parent, ought to make it sure that your relation with your child is like a friend who ignores little mistakes.

When you accept your children in every condition, it will prove beneficial for a parent-child friendly relationship.

Create frank environment and avoid punishment

The most important thing in child-parent relation-ship is parent’s behavior with child. If parents create frank environment and avoid punishment for their children, children also try to come close with their parents.

Some parents show strictness and their children are mostly afraid of them. As a result, their children try their best to avoid their parents. If you as a parent want that your children should be close to you then treat them like a friend and teach them after their mistakes. This way will prove beneficial for you to build friendship with your kids.

In a nutshell

Being parent if you want to build friendship with your kids, follow these ways. These ways to build friendship with your kid will be result oriented in your parenting journey.

The most important ways are giving time to your child; avoid scolding and punishment and treating in patient way.

Wish you happy and successful parenting.

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