Average parent vs smart parent

In this modern and smart age of 21st century, every parent is in the hope to become one of the best parents. But, in this struggle, some are successful while majority has to face challenges regarding the knowledge of key components of good parenting and its execution. You, as a parent know that this is the age of smartness and is applicable to every field of life including parenting. In this article, we will try to understand the difference between average parent vs smart parent.

In the effort of being a smart parent, everyone tries on her top priority that her child should excel in the society and make a good impact on surrounding so that she may be called a good child in the society. When a child performs well in society and is praised by everyone then, this thing makes the parents feel proud because it is natural.

As we know, every parent has a wish that her child should grow in the best environment but sometimes, she cannot come up to the level of parent’s expectations.

Here are two options: response or reaction           

Smart parent tries to identify the reasons of not performing up to the mark and gives suitable suggestions. While, average parent plays just blame games and demotivates her child. Resultantly, parent damages her relationship with her child. So, it lays the foundation of average parent vs smart parent.

Let’s start to learn about average parent vs smart parent.

Average parent vs smart parent- commitments

Being a parent, try to be real and fair to your child throughout the life and teach her the significance of commitment. Commitment is the compulsory element of human life. Lack of commitment makes the child dull and dumb.

So if you want that your child get success in her life, practically, teach her the meaning and the challenges of commitment.

The smart parent does not over commit with child than her worth. She tries to remain calm in most of the situations in order to fulfill the basic needs of her child.

Smart parent mostly fulfills the commitment of her child as per her resources. For instance if a smart parent commits to her child to provide her wrest-watch, she provides her at any cost and wins the trust of child. This thing makes special to her parent in child’s eyes.

On the other hand, as an average parent you do not fulfill your commitment of child and by this way, sometimes, your child loses trust upon you. An average parent mostly follows the conventional style of parenting like others by following the foot-prints of society.

Open communication- average parent vs smart parent


Let’s discuss the relation of open communication with average parent vs smart parent.

Change of mind is the name of open communication in which you change your mind and accept the ideas and thoughts. Those who are smart parents understand very well as they know how to tackle an unfamiliar situation that ensues at different times.

Smart parent mostly allows her child to communicate willingly which plays a key role in maintaining the relationship between child and parent.

If we do a comparison between an average parent and a smart parent, we come to know that these two categories are quite opposite to each other. An average parent who doesn’t have the knowledge of open communication actually remains unaware of the meaning of open and effective communication.

If we say she resembles authoritarian parenting style will not be wrong. Because the attitude of such type of parents matches with the authoritarian parents as such type of parents do not support and believe in flexibility.

Its solution is to permit your child to communicate openly. By this way, you can guide your child in a successful way. If you do not allow your child to communicate openly, your child will commit mistakes and the outcome of this might bring massive issues in both your and child’s life.

Finding main reason behind every problem

You as a smart parent do not need to keep an eye on your child’s activity, and there is no need to find flaws in her routine work. Rather, you should be flexible and optimistic to her instead of finding the reason. Being a parent, you are the role model of your child; so, try to be positive and motivated.

As a smart parent you have noticed that sometimes whenever you get frustrated or beats your child and at the same time that frustration get shifted to someone else from your child such as, she releases anger on her siblings and beat them with frustration. At that time you come to know that your child was beaten by her mom in the morning. Here you came to know the main reason of problem and by requesting her mom not to do such type of behaves with her child.

To understand about average parent vs smart parent is very useful in parenting process because here you come to know the mistakes done during your parenting journey.

Assist your child in finding unique potential

It is said that whenever you compare and compete your child with someone else, actually you are injecting poison in your child’s blood. Later on, it becomes harmful for her whether this act was done knowingly or unknowingly.

This is the time when the average parent vs smart parent’s technique plays key role in her child’s life. The average parent has the conventional perception of success while smart parent helps her in finding the unique and core qualities blessed by nature to her.

By using the unique potential, child succeeds in practical life.

As a role model in her children’s lives

If we say that being a smart parent, you should know that that actions speak louder than words. Whatever you do, your child will follow. As a smart parent, give your child a smart piece of advice. As a parent, your actions and character teach your child.

Sometimes, average parent compares her child’s activities with others and says her child that you cannot do this deed; others can do better than you. Such type of approach proves useless in practical life because it is ineffective and does not produce any change.

Demonstrate elasticity regarding mistakes

As a parent if there is no flexibility in your life, all is vain to be a good parent. Being a smart parent, show maximum flexibility in your life as much as is possible. 

Mistakes are the major part of life; without doing mistakes, you cannot excel in life. So, keep doing mistakes and keep learning. It is not possible to do each and everything in the proper way. Both commit mistakes either you are a child or a parent which tells us that we are human beings not a supernatural.

In short mistakes teach us how to tackle with life. If you get frustrated on every single mistake to your child, she would be horrified to commit a mistake. Resultantly, she will miss the chance to learn new things because she would be fearful regarding mistakes.

So, keep on committing mistakes and learning new things. This should be the motto of your life. Your child will follow you and she will be a confident and successful person in the long run.

In a nutshell

We talked about average parent vs smart parent techniques in our article. This piece of writing would be helpful in your parenting life. Analyze your personality and if needed, reshape it as soon as possible.

Wish you a happy and successful parenting journey.

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