5 Keys of Good parenting

The most important activity on this planet Earth is good parenting as it shows and trains your child about healthy, great and meaningful life. Your child can be very successful in both social and professional domains of life if you are doing good parenting. Keep an eye on the following 5 keys of good parenting and help your child spend a great life:

Express your love to your child

Love is a key point in developing your relationship with your child because it has the ability to beautify the relations. Parent’s love is mostly true, unconditional, selfless and forgiving.

As a parent, your love and affection for you child are like a big tree and your children are like the branches of that tree. These branches will remain fresh and strong by your caring nature. But when you don’t express your love, your children become weaker and distorted like the branches of tree.

That’s why; express your feeling of friendship and liking to your child. It doesn’t mean that you will express too much love would distract your child. So, keep balance in everything by following the basic principles of authoritative parenting style.

Be dynamic in providing experiences to your child

New experiences open the door for learning because your child hasn’t tried so many things in this world. It helps your child in making her thinking artistic and productive. No one can live without learning and your child is no exception. By learning new experiences, your child gets the confidence and overcomes fears.

Here’s a big task that “how to engage children in learning new experiences?”

The answer is “ask to your child and follow her interest”. After this, plan creative and fun activities. Use some colors; give her an active role, set rules and observe the consequences.

Your enthusiasm makes your child enthusiastic automatically. By praise and encouragement, you can get the results which you want. After experiencing new things, your child will learn that in the beginning, no one is best. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach her that everything happening in our life is for the sake of goodness. So, she learns the basic lesson of life.

Providing such opportunities is one of the 5 keys of good parenting.

Develop your child’s problem solving skills

Problem solving skill is a process through which solutions of the problems can be found. This process consists of following three steps:

1. Identity the problem

2. To know the reason behind it

3.  Focus on the solution

Problem solving skill is like a teacher for your child because every setback teaches a lesson to your child. As she learns how to solve complex issues in life, she becomes mature. From this skill, your child learns how to remain calm and patient and give respect to others’ opinions. Along with this, she becomes active and good listener.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to develop confidence of solving problems in your child. Whenever she faces difficulty, don’t rush to solve her problems. Instead, help her to walk through step by step and take wise decisions. Problem solving is one of the keys of healthy and good parenting.

As a parent, keep in mind that your guidelines change bigger issues into smaller ones. By this ability, her confidence reaches at such a level that she can tackle her academic and interpersonal issues in the future.

What parents do matters a lot

Mostly, people take it very easy to raise a child, but they don’t know that they shouldn’t rely only on natural instincts. Instead, they need to know about different things about good parenting.

As a parent if you are not interested in developing your child’s personality from the very early age, she would face many difficulties in her future when you will not be around her. So, play your important role in her life by following the rules of good parenting.

Every day, you should ask these three questions to yourself:

  1.  As a parent, am I playing a productive role in my child’s life?
  2.  How much is she learning from my actions?
  3.  Will this learning be helpful for her in her future?

By answering these questions, you can realize that where you are standing on the path of good parenting by reshaping your child’s life. Ask to your child about her daily routine; guide her in such a constructive way that she can set some little goals and write it on the paper. When she will achieve her goal, appreciate her by giving her token of appreciation on that point.

If she doesn’t do, then encourage her and build-up her confidence to achieve the defined goals. It’s also very important that as parents, you shouldn’t expose your issues in front of your child. But do your actions in such a way that your child ought to idealize you and become like you.

Set limits and discipline as a parent

As a parent, you are the leader of your family. For running a house, limits and discipline are very necessary. Without it, you cannot run a house in a proper way. As perfection leaves no room for improvement; so, think that you are an imperfect parent, with strengths and weaknesses. By working on your weaknesses, change it into strengths.

Set limits and restraint for changing the environment of the house, and see the behavioral changes in your child. As a parent, you should change your behavior according to the environment. You are the leader of your house; so, you should follow all the limits and rules at first, your child will follow you in the same way. Discipline has a significant place in the process of good parenting.

In this way, your child realizes the expectations that you have from her; so, she wouldn’t challenge your rules and limitations. As compared to it, if your child doesn’t obey you, you should focus on her and tell her that these rules have been set-up for her betterment and protecting her from harm.

As a parent, you should pay attention on the area that needs the most, rather than teaching her all the things at once. Your child may respond you in the form of sadness, stress, tension and tears. But, when you set a proper discipline, it will lead her towards self-control, self-motivation and emotional intelligence resulting in emotional stability. This will prove strength for her in her future.

These 5 keys of good parenting will be very effective for nurturing your child.

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