Good Parenting

Principles of Good Parenting

In the domain of social sciences, good parenting is the most researched area. As a parent, you know that parenting is a divinely command which means responsibility. Knowledge and understanding of good parenting are the basis of effective parenting.

Parents are responsible for providing healthy environment to their child. Your child is like a mirror who reflects that image which you have infused in her personality. Human beings are special species who learn by imitations. So, be careful about your actions in front of your child. You, as a parent, can only change the inner and outer world of your child.

It’s a key point that parenting is not only recognized by parents’ actions but by also their intentions. So, work on your intentions as well.

5 basic principles of good parenting

Now, let’s understand some principles of good parenting:

Parent’s behavior influences a lot

You, as a parent, are a role model for your child because your child’s behavior is reflection of your behavior. Your child’s beliefs, religious values, level of respect, educational choice and issues- relevant to her future- have much similarity with yours.

Parents who use abusive language and show aggressiveness in their behavior, their children mostly become violent, aggressive, distressing, rude and uncivilized. If you are providing healthy environment to your child, then results will completely be unfavorable.

Now it’s up to you what kind of environment you are providing to you child. Mainly, your behavior, as a parent, can develop or destroy your child’s personality. So, role modeling is one of the keys of best parenting.

Be involved in your child’s life

When you, as a parent, show involvement in your child’s life, your child considers him an important figure and would think to be able to be loved. It will develop confidence in her personality. So, as a parent, pay complete attention on her life, listen to her and give response politely to her. Play with her and participate in her educational activities as well.

Teach her moral and social values as well as spiritual values. Along with this, pay attention on her physical fitness; through this, her personality will be developed and groomed. Be a mentor of your child by listening her carefully and solving her every day’s problems; so, be a secure haven for your child as she trusts in you.

In this way, your relation with your child will be built up and she will consider you as her chum. If your relation would be strong with your child, she will discuss all her issues with you. Resultantly, she will be not be misled by any person.

Involving yourself in your child’s life and becoming significant part of her different activities are among the key components of good parenting.

Consistency in your behavior

Consistency and regularity means your predictable behavior resulting in the predictability of your child’s behavioral patterns.

As a parent, your mind set about regularity and consistency helps your child in developing the personality. It will help your child in following those rules and routine which are supportive for her success and happiness. If your expectations and rules vary from time to time, your child’s misbehavior is your fault, not hers.

As a parent, having the expectations and applying the rules in your life are going to shape those expectations and rules that she would apply in her own life in future. So, don’t change your rules like an unpredictable fashion. Keep explaining the reasons behind all the rules that you are following. Teach and train your child by wisdom, not by power.

It can be said that consistency and predictability are among the key principles of good parenting.

Be patient with your child

It’s human nature to feel free rather than to feel controlled by someone else. So, be patient with your child. No doubt, patience is not as easy as it sounds, because it demands sacrifice of your will. In fact, with your patience, you can learn many things from your child.

If you become rigid and restricted, your child may be rude with you. Your strict behavior will directly impact on her and she may not share her problems and challenges with you. So, your one moment of patience would have saved you from thousands moments of regret.

Your patience will teach your child how to get self-control and self-direction. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach her how she can improve her ability to face setbacks and enjoy life as much as is possible.

Showing patience and forbearance are the basic qualities of good parenting.

Treat your children with respect

The best way to take respect from your child is to treat her respectfully. It is a fact that your child’s attitude depends on how you treat with her. Through your manners, you are teaching your child that how much respect is important in the life of human beings.

As a parent, you should give same courtesy to your child as you give to others. The way you are speaking politely and showing respect also ought to be given to child. If you are doing this, you are showing greatest expression of life, with your best manners.

You should treat your child with kindness. Pay attention when she is either speaking to you or sharing her full day undertakings with you. Then, respect her ideas and opinions with respect. Your children will treat you in a better way because your relationship with your child is the foundation of happy life.

Crux: Principles of good parenting

Follow these principles of good parenting and become an effective parent.

Written by: Muhammad Nadeem

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