Negative parenting test

Negative Parenting Test

Negative parenting test: The difference between average parent and smart parent counts a lot on the journey of effective parenting. There are different ways to test your parenting style. lDRlabs is the most important test which can be taken to examine the relationship between negative parenting and kids.

This test plays a crucial role to observe parents’ behavior, and restrictions for their children. This test looks in the various ways the impact of parents’ behavior on the lives of their kids.

John Philip Louis says:

“The negative parenting test examines whether you are struggling with common damaging patterns as a consequence of the ways your parents treated you.”

Let us discuss negative parenting test in detail:


Deprivation is the style of negative parents. In this style, the parents try to keep their children within limits. They don’t give opportunity to their kids to look around the world in the positive way. This thing catches up the child’s freedom and experience. It can impact on child’s personality grooming.

In this situation, child feels helpless and is unable to make decisions for themselves independently. Because of such situation, children may be deprived to play at home and enjoy the life. Creativity; exploration and education are suppressed forcing them to remain at home.

Deprivation can restrict their kids to the computer and smart phones. It can also come from not having access to something that can make your child feel good or fulfill his needs and desires. If a child has been deprived of love and attention since his childhood, she shall have to struggle to connect with other persons in adulthood, because she never learnt how to receive love and attention from others.


Rejection is a painful act which means to refuse others. Not acceptance or acknowledgement. You can experience in your life when you are not accepted or acknowledged by others; as a result you have to face rejection. The feelings of rejection can be very painful for you, because it results in shame and low self-esteem in the society.

Rejection is an important part of natural life; everyone experiences in his life at some point of his life. If you are ignored by someone repeatedly, you can feel shame, anxiety and low self-esteem. This thing affects your life, your self-esteem and sense of worthiness. If you are ignored by your friends and other beloved people, you feel pain and in the next step you want to step back for that relationship.

Punishing (Negative Parenting Test)

This is also the strategy of negative parents. It includes negative consequences, time out and behavior of parents with their child. In this type of parenting, when the kid does any mistake, their parents punish her. The child can feel that she is punished by her parents because of even minor mistakes; kid can feel stressed.

When the children are punished by their parents, they can feel angry or `upset because they feel that they have been treated falsely. These types of parents don’t care and trust their kids. This thing can also make the child sad and alone.

Over control

Over control is a term that describes a negative parenting style and is the basic component of negative parenting test. In this type, the parents can try to control their kid’s behavior or habits completely. They can make boundaries for their children. They walk like as guard with their kids all the time and look after their activities.

Parents of this type want to control their kids at any wrong work and behavior. They think that they are doing very well for their children’s future. They ponder their child’s relationship with other people; look after them before and after school, and how they spend their weekends, and even what they wear.

Over control may seem like a good idea at first, because it helps to keep their kids safe and make them feel secure. But when they grow up, they don’t like their parents’ over controlling. Because of over control, they cannot develop their ideas and don’t do experience according to their wish. So, this type of parents may hurt their kids especially when they have been grown up.

In a nutshell

You as a parent should try your level best to overcome these problems of negative parenting test. In this way, your journey of parenting will be full of thrill and enjoyment.

Wish you have a successful parenting journey.

Sub editor: Fatima

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