Positive Parenting Techniques

Positive Parenting Techniques

A child is an asset for her parents and every parent wants that her child should be an ideal one. Being parent, you would also like to make your child the best personality and in this regard you might be in search of some positive parenting techniques that could guarantee you in shaping your child an ideal and successful child.

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After conducting a deep research and reading great experts and scholars’ articles, I am going to mention some positive parenting techniques that can help you train your child and make her a great personality.

Let us learn some fantastic positive parenting techniques.

Checklist of Positive Parenting Techniques

  • Setting principles
  • Building suitable relation to win your child’s cooperation
  • Be strict but with affection
  • Show ideal respect to your child
  • Be empathetic with your child
  • Importance of your listening to your child
  • Trusting in your child
  • Emphasis on huge projects
  • Help your child how to learn from mistakes
  • Warn and alert your child
  • Advise your child what to do instead of what not to do
  • Adopt positivity instead of negativity
  • Bring uniformity in your words and actions
  • Give your child liberty to express her feelings
  • Give your child liberty to express her feelings
  • Bring some humor in your conversation with your child
  • The things parents learn from the children
Setting principles
Setting principles

Setting principles Positive Parenting Techniques

 You as parents set principles for everyone at home and they are advised to follow the rules. This disciplines all the members at home. This positive parenting technique brings positive changes in the child and she becomes responsible.

In normal circumstances, when there are no rules setting, it becomes very difficult for you to bring your child on the track. Resultantly, chances of clash between you and your child increase that impacts badly on the child.

Being a responsible parent, it is necessary for you to set principles maintaining balance and relationship between you and your child.

Building suitable relation to win your child’s cooperation

Dear parents, you should establish close link with your child to be frank so that your child may share her feelings with you. This positive parenting technique will generate confidence in your child that has the potential to strengthen her trust in you. In this way, as parents, you can win the heart of your child.

As a parent, if you create vast distance between you and your child, it impacts badly on your child and she considers herself both alone and discarded. It makes her pessimist. She senses darkness all around.

So, it is requested to the parents not to create distance between you and your child. Instead increase relation with your child to understand her well that will enable you to gain favorable results from your child.

Be strict but with affection, Positive Parenting Techniques

Being parents, show love and affection toward your child but you must be strict regarding application of mutually set principles of the family. If your child performs positive activities by following the rules set by you, you must praise and appreciate your child. It will boost belief in herself that she has strength to perform what she wants to.

Her belief on you as parents will also be improved that is key to bring happiness and satisfaction in the family.

You should keep One important regarding setting principles that these principles should be research based and authentic.

Authoritative parenting style is considered the most effective way of parenting up till now. So, being parents, first of all, you should assess your parenting style and if there is any lacking, reform it on urgent basis. You can take the help of some mentor or parental advisor in this case.

Shirk from degrading and humiliating your child

It is very essential for parents to avoid degrading your child. If you humiliate your child, it will fetch negativity in your child. As a result, she will start mistrusting you and it will stimulate hatred in her against you.

 It can also bring negative impact on your child’s mind that may further cause her to fall a prey to mental disease.

So, it is a fantastic positive parenting technique to avoid degrading or humiliating your child. Instead of degrading your child, try to find roots that cause your child to make mistake and find suitable solution in an affectionate manner.

Show ideal respect to your child

Being good parents, you should show your child that she is very important for you and appreciate her work. This respect will create positive changes in your child and you will become more important and respectable in her eyes.

 This positive parenting technique will bring inner true happiness in you that cherishes your life.

Be empathetic with your child

Every child wants that her parents should show empathy in her matters of life. At the time of difficulty, your child needs your compassion because it leads her to success and it is dream of every parent that her child must get success.

 Being parent, you also want your child to be successful and this positive parenting technique can fulfill your very desire.

Importance of your listening to your child

This positive parenting technique of listening properly to your child brings you and your child close. Listening to your child will strengthen your relation with her. You will be able to know your child’s feelings and demands. You will also be able to get awareness about her activities, and circumstances she faces. It will enable you to drive your child on right track.

So, it is your moral duty to make your child feel to be listened to in order to remove obstacles and problems, your child is facing.

Trusting in your child

Trust in your child if you want to see confidence in her personality. When you don’t trust and encourage your child, her belief on herself shatters and weakens. As a result, her power to grow vanishes and she considers herself unimportant and useless that results in failure.

positive parenting
positive parenting

But if you start trusting your child, it brings positive effects and she starts believing herself that strengthens her confidence and morale. As a result, your child starts showing wonders by handling all the challenges that occur in the way and the result is your child’s success due to this positive parenting technique.

Emphasis on huge projects, Positive Parenting Techniques

 Reverend parents, you should set huge task for your child because it will enable your child to accept the difficult challenges in order to achieve her goal.

One thing, as a parent, you must teach your child, is determination. How hard the task is, your child can do it if she is determined.

Help your child how to learn from mistakes

Teach your child that if she tosses the rod in the air, it may hit someone and he or she may get hurt. Ask your child if someone else tosses the rod and the rod hits on her head, will she consider it right? “No”, will be her reply.

In this way, you can teach her that any action or thing that hurts others and creates trouble is a mistake. So, she must avoid such sort of mistakes.

Warn and alert your child, Positive Parenting Techniques

As good parents, it is effective that you should warn your child about the circumstances which take place in the race of life and create chaos. Make your child alert and teach her how to cope with the challenges that arise again and again in the cycle of life.

Building suitable relation
Building suitable relation

Your this positive parenting technique will prepare your child how to handle unbidden difficulties which suddenly attack in life.

Advise your child what to do instead of what not to do

As responsible parent, you should advise your child to perform what is important to do and tell your child how the very task will be significant for her. This positive parenting technique will bring curiosity in your child to work with passion and her confidence will be developed to a considerable extent which enables her to do the assigned task with confidence.

Never remind your child what not to do because if you do so, it will bring negative impact in your child. As a result, your child can lose confidence and adopt dark views that can darken her life. So, keep your child away from this dark aspect.

 Adopt positivity instead of negativity

Parents ought to pay attention to positive behavior by adopting positivity. Your actions and words must guarantee your positivity. In this way, if your child shows positive behavior copying you, praise her so that she may repeat it.

This positive parenting technique will bring success for you and your child as every person likes and appreciates the one who has positive behavior.

Bring uniformity in your words and actions

One of the best positive parenting techniques is uniformity in your words and actions. Lead your child by example instead of exhortation. When your deeds communicate your values, it generates positive change in your child. Actions speak louder than words.

A child normally follows her parents. What she observes, she follows. If there is no similarity between your actions and words, it will confuse your child which may bring negative impact on your child. She will develop the same hypocritic attitude; she has learnt from her elders. So, it is your duty to maintain uniformity in your actions and words.

Give your child liberty to express her feelings

Ask your child to share her feelings and emotions. In this connection, give her freedom so that she may freely express her inner feelings and emotions. As a parent, you must share your feelings and positive emotions because it can bring you close to your child. Resultantly, she will feel no fear in sharing her feelings with you also.

Due to this positive parenting technique, you and your children can be united and build a team which consolidates your relation with your child.

Bring some humor in your conversation with your child

Serious conversation, all the time, makes you serious and boring, and your child feels boredom in serious talk. As a result, your child wants to get rid of this boredom and avoids sitting in serious atmosphere that creates distance between you and your child.

parenting techniques
parenting techniques

As a sensible parent, you must try to use some funny sentences with your child because humor can bring your child close to you and makes your child frank with you.

Do you know why people like friends? Because they are frank with them and can use funny sentences. So, use this parenting technique and be friends of your child.

 Two invaluable Assets that good parents should give to their children

Hodding Carter Jr. says, “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, and the other is wings.”

As a sensible parent, make your child strong and powerful mentally and physically. Her belief on herself should be strong like a bird who is sitting on the branch of a tree comfortably because its belief is on its wings instead of on the branch. 

The things parents learn from the children

Pranklin P. Jones says, “You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance?”

The process of education starts from birth and ends with death. One learns from cradle to grave. One is student as well as teacher or in other words learner and preacher from birth to death. Some times it happens that a child changes her parents’ life. Your child teaches you determination and patience.

You might have observed that when your child started to stand and walk, she would have fallen many times but continued her struggle and succeeded to stand and walk. Here she teaches the importance of determination and struggle with continuity.  

Give quality time to your children

 Time is the most precious gift that you can give to your children. Involve your child to do something together, to play together and ask your child what is happening in her life. Schedule fun family events from the time the children are young. Take your children more often with you.

This positive parenting technique can bring positive change in your child and she starts sharing her views and feelings with you without any hesitation.

In a nutshell

Henry Ward Beecher says, “There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child.”

Solid and strong relation, that is acknowledged, is of parent with the child. No other relation is solid as of parents with the children. You can make this relation further strong by acting upon the positive parenting techniques which will bring positive change in your behavior and character. It can easily be transferred in your child as well.

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