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Best Parenting Styles

What do you know about parenting styles? Among families, great deal of diversity to becomes parents. Most of the people don’t know about the best parenting, because that’s the reason is, they have no knowledge about it. The background of culture has major impact on parenting styles.

The population of world ought to makeup in the last several years. As per the 2014, research 25% children live in single parent families and household lived in three-fourth with two married parents. Although children can thrive in all types of families. In the guidance of children, parents have different approach how to guide them.

In the world has many types of researches and have grouped parenting styles into three, four, five or more psychological constructs. This article only focused on the best and guided parenting styles. Every style has great or a unique approach to how parents raise their children.

Situations can also be depending on parenting flairs. May be your parenting style can affect the child self-esteem or physical health to how they related others. Parenting skill, important to growth supporting and heathy development.

Researchers have identified many best parenting styles, but here I would explain some most of the best parenting styles for parents and each style has unique approach for raising children.

  • Authoritarian parenting
  • Authoritative parenting
  • Permissive parenting
  • Uninvolved parenting
  • Positive parenting
  • Free-range parenting

Parenting Styles, Descriptions, Characteristics

Parenting stylesDescriptionsCharacteristics
AuthoritativeResponsiveness, high warmth and balancedNurturing, open communication, clear expectations and rules
AuthoritarianHigh control, low warmthStrick rules and expectations, limit flexibility
PermissiveHigh responsive, low demandsFew rules or boundaries, enforce discipline consistently
UninvolvedLow responsive, low demandsEmotional distant, limited involvement in Childs life, basic care but lacks of engagement
PositiveEmphasizes positive, positive demandsEncouragement and praise, clear expectations with nurturing support 
Free-rangAutonomy and promotes independenceAllow greater freedom and discissions, exploration and learning from experience 

Impacts of Parenting Elegance

Through their childhood, children go their different and many childhood stages. Factor that involves over time the combination of different factors makes parenting skill. A project of parenting style the development of own their responsibilities. Some parenting elegance and their impacts are as given below:

Aspects of ParentingImpacts
Child developmentCognitive, social, physical and emotional development, child’s well-being, positive parenting, success
Behavior designParenting shapes child’s behavior patterns, well-adjusted children, good manners   
Emotional well-beingLack of emotional support, behavior can lead to emotional difficulties in children
EducationInvolvement of parents in education can leads to success, contribute to higher supportive and encouragement by parents
Social skillsEnhance child’s social skills and peer relationships, positive social modeling by parents for children 
Impact on futureParenting style experience during childhood can how individuals’ approach when they become parents themselves

Best Ways of Parenting

Effective and best ways of parenting, involves balanced love, communication and guidance. A successful parenting is civilization of unconditional love and support. Ensuring children feel valued regardless of their accomplishment.

Parenting is highly individualized journey in thick or thin. There are many general and beneficial principal of best parenting that many experts considered positive and beneficial for parenting. Here are some key principles to considered:

  • Consistent discipline
  • Clear communications
  • Lead by example or experience
  • Quality time
  • Positive role model
  • Flexibility
  • Unconditional love and support
  • Encourage independence
  • Respect and empathy
  • Promotes positive environment

Pros and Cons of Parenting Styles

Parenting StylesProsCons
AuthoritativeBalance, clear expectations, warmthStrict expectations may lead to conflicts
AuthoritarianClear rules provide clear expectationsLead to low self-esteem and social difficulties
PermissiveClose parent child relation, warm and responsiveLack of self-decision making, discipline and authority 
UninvolvedSense of independence and self-reliance,Lead to self-esteem, lack of emotional support
PositiveHealthy relationship, positive well-being behaviorParental frustration, lack of real world
Free-rangProblem solving skills, independencyPotential, safety and concern

Positive parenting has many advantages. Every child is unique in individuals by their parents. A balanced and approach to best parenting is often recommended, taking into account the child individuality and development stages.  

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Children may feel confused and may have behavior problem when parents undermine each other if the rules are different.

Parenting styles defined by psychologist Diana Baumrind. Who identified the parenting graces for parents. Parenting panaches are the different categories for parents to educate their children with these guided parenting styles.

In development of children, the influence of parental profound impact on development.


Authoritative parenting, is characterized by balanced and warmth, support and reasonable expectations and leads with the positive outcomes for children. Authoritarian parenting, high demands and low warmth, may increase stress potential negative effects outcomes for children. Permissive parenting, limited boundaries may lead to contribute difficulties with low self-control. Neglectful parenting, characterized by low level of both warmth and control, including emotional behavioral issues. It’s important to note that effective parenting is often a dynamic process.       

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