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6 Parenting Guidelines for New Parents

For effective child development, parenting guidelines are helping tools which can assist a new parent in the process of good parenting. These include the core concepts in the phenomenon of bringing up a child till her youth. These guidelines are helpful when a child faces challenge or problem in any matter in her whole life.

Let us discuss 6 parenting guidelines for new parents that strengthen your parenting connection.

Attending academic meetings of your child                                           

This is one of the most effective guidelines in the list of parenting guideline that enable a parent to make her parenting connection strong. You as a parent should attend the school meetings of your child and join other disciplines of her academic institutions. But some parents neglect this responsibility that may weaken their parenting connection with child. In this case, you as a parent should show your full attention and eliminate all the lame excuses.

Be careful in using cell phone

Cell phone is an amazing invention of modern era that has revolutionized the whole world. Being a good parent, this is your responsibility to make sure that your cell phone is being used for positive activities. Successful parents use their cell phones in proper schedule base.  It is an effective parenting guideline that enhances your love with your child.

Necessary precaution for using social sites

Social media has its own pros and cons in the age of advancement.  As a responsible parent you should use carefully your social media accounts that impress your child and she may start following you. Do not keep something secret with your child regarding your account. It will prove effective in your good parenting.

Exchange of information between child and parent

Exchange of information is result oriented for effective communication between you and your child. When you and your child communicate with each other, it creates comfortable environment and trustworthy relation between you and your child.

Understanding level of child will grow and she will assess the information immediately through this activity. Among 6 parenting guidelines, the place of exchanging information is quite significant.

Co-curricular activities and parenting guidelines

During childhood, a child does not feel like sitting at one place and doing a lot of study work. Sometimes your child may be depressed due to the burden of homework and stop growing. This is your responsibility to encourage your child to also take part in co-curricular activities that nourish her personality.

These activities make her active and keep her close to you.   Body building, basketball, baseball, climbing, cycling, and racing are the examples of co-curricular activities.

Parenting time schedule for holiday

Spending quality time with your child is one of the captivated parenting guidelines that add beauty in your parenting style. The more you value your child the more she spends her time with you. Being a good parent you should share your golden memories and experiences with your lovely child. To discuss these moments, quality time is required with no interruption.

In a nutshell- 6 parenting guidelines

In a nutshell, new parents must apply these 6 parenting guideline in their lives for polishing their parenting styles and enjoying their parenting journey.   

Wish you a happy and successful parenting journey.

Co-author: Mohan Dass

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