Raising children

Raising Children

Raising children in in an effective way is not an easy job for the parents. Many scholars and psychiatrists have suggested numerous ways to raise children successfully. After doing a lot of research, I am going to tell some ways that would help you in raising your child easily and confidently.  

You, as parent, are a facilitator and teacher for your child. You have to become a role model for your child by helping her become aware of human rights and protect them.  You are to do some deep thinking and reflection to assess your experience with human rights.  Being sensible parent you are an important role model for your child.

If you want to raise your child, you should develop following qualities in your child and I hope these tips for good parenting will help you in raising your child in a favorable way.

Build trust in your child

When you as parent succeed creating a safe environment for your child, it helps the child build trust and enables her to think and act independently. When your child knows that she is loved and appreciated, she starts trusting you. Your child learns and tries out to adopt your behaviors considering you her role model.

She also tries to have experiment with other behaviors. You should develop rules with your family and impose them on every member of your family to follow those rules. It will help your child develop trust and, when she sees that everyone follows the rules, she will start acting upon those rules which develops trust that all will be safe.  Your Child cultivates deep, healthy roots when she spends time in safe place.

Teach how to respect rights

It is satisfactory for you as parent to assist your child to learn about and to understand her rights and the rights of others.  You should share and promote empathy involving your child that would help your child learn to see other points of view.

As a parent, when you help your child speak up for what she needs and express her opinion, you are promoting democracy in your child.  When your child learns about what other children might be feeling or thinking, she begins to think of the world at larger scale.

Teach how to respect rights

You must keep in mind that your child is very sensitive to others’ signals and needs and ultimately able to take another person’s viewpoint.  Observing others more empathically assist your child recognizes that each of them has the right to be safe, to learn, to play and to get education which must teach life. When your child honors these human rights, they encourage her to make responsible behavior.

Grow responsibility in your child

As sensible parent it is your duty to cultivate responsibility in your child in order to make her responsible. You must remember that responsibility is an empowering word. Showing responsibility empowers your child to identify her responsibilities to make her life unique.

If you help your child recognize her skill to choose what she wants to do, it nurtures a sense of mastery and competence in your child which  makes her feel earnest of joining in civic life.  When child feels her a part of the public that she belongs, she is more eager to make liable selections.

Developing positive character and its importance

As parent, you are to know what good character is and make character development in your child at high primacy. It is your right to know about good character and adopt yourself a positive character. Man is known by the character he keeps. The person with good character is admired and respected but the person whose character is bad is not respected.

As parent you must possess following virtue and develop them in your child because these virtues draw positive and praiseworthy character.

Insight (good judgment)

You are to develop this virtue and ability because this ability will help you see and understand the truth about your child or situations. If you have insight, the ability of good judgment, you can easily understand the situation easily. This ability will enable you to nurture your child positively.   

Uprightness (Raising children)

This virtue or ability is your moral and honest behavior or attitude. When you behave in a moral and honest way with your child, family members and with others, you are showing uprightness that is good quality. Seeing you being respected by others, your child will also adopt this ability in order to gain name, fame and respect.

Determination (inner toughness)

This is the marvelous quality that makes you continue trying to do something even when it is difficult. This is inner power and toughness that makes you solid and brave which help you stick to your aim by the time it is fulfilled. Observing your determination, your child will also adopt this ability to be strong and determined.

Self-discipline (Raising children)

This is the ability which helps you how to do something that is difficult. It makes you strong and assist you how to manage yourself positively and confidently. Your child may also develop self-discipline and  positive discipline by following you.

Affection (sacrifice for others)

It is common saying that there is no affectation in mother’s affection.  Mother sacrifices a lot for her child. She likes or loves her child very much and cares a lot about her. Your child needs lot of love and affection. So, it is your obligation to show her your love and affection. It is also said that you can open all the locks with the help of love which is considered master key in the world.


As a parent, you should love your child and provide her with a unwavering and protected environment. You are to remember that love is the seedbed for all of the qualities. It is love that involves you to manage time, communicate and sacrifice for your child.

Encouraging behavior

Encouraging behavior is a behavior which gives hope, support and courage. As parent it is essential for you to have encouraging behavior because it will give your child a hope, support and courage which enable her to get achievements.

Diligence (Raising children)

Diligence is another good quality or virtue and if you have this quality and show care and effort in your work or duties, there is surely success for you. It is so, because hard work is key to success.  You can accomplish your work easily how hard it is through this ability. Seeing you successful, your child will follow your footstep to be successful in life.

Trustworthiness (honesty with yourself)

This virtue makes others trust you. It is so because you are good, honest and sincere due to this very quality of trustworthiness. If you have this very good principle, you will achieve good name and fame. Your child observing your name and fame due to trustworthiness, she will adopt this quality.


This is the virtue which gives you true pleasure when you recognize and enjoy the good qualities of your child. When you notice positive qualities in your child, you appreciate her. This appreciation helps you nurture or raise your child in good and superb manner.

Modesty (desire to be better)

Modesty is the virtue in man that separates him from animals and labels Supreme Being or crown of the creature. If you have modesty and you are modest, it will make you crown of the creature. It brings moderation which saves you from much trouble. Through this principle or virtue, you can make your child pious.

Wisdom (Raising children)

If you have wisdom, it means you have ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge that you have.  Your child can take benefit from your wisdom. Your quality of making good decision saves you and your child from any anxiety.

You can guide your child toward right track by your good piece of advice and experience. She can learn a lot from your experience and wisdom.

Justice (Raising children)

Justice is need of the hour which can bring solution almost a lot of problems. It is duty of law makers to impose law in the society. Every sensible citizen wants justice and legal system to organize and unite the people of the society or country. Justice should be imposed from the house and every sensible parent should adopt justice. You are to develop in your child the quality of being fair from the scratch.


Generosity is a good virtue that generates the feelings of helping others who are in need or facing some difficulty. Being caring parent, it is good idea to be generous and save the lives of those who are in trouble. You are to provide them money, gifts, time or kindness freely.


Evaluating your activities of generosity and the respect you gain, your child develops this virtue and starts helping the people who are in difficulties. When your child gives smile to sorrow people,  you feel true happiness.


As parent, you must possess courage because this ability makes you strong to do something dangerous or to face pain or opposition, without showing fear. To be successful courage is required that makes you strong and bold. To raise child is not an easy job, you need courage to perform this uphill task.  

Use authoritative discipline or be an authoritative parent

You should be good example of authoritative parent by using authoritative discipline as authoritative discipline or authoritative parenting is considered best style of parenting. It is so because it has flexible rules which urge your child to become ideal in natural way.

Importance of questioning to promote child’s morality

It is duty of parent s to develop the habit of asking questions and answering in their children positively. If you get success in developing questioning habit in your child, it will help you understand your child well and will promote morality of your child.  

Raise your child’s spiritual development

It is an admitted fact that a person who is morally and spiritually good can be the good mentor as he or she is respected everywhere due to his or her morality and spirituality. It is also said that a spiritual person is near to God and is a good example of piety and honesty.

As a responsible parent, you are to raise your child’s spiritual development so that she can be spiritually good.  

In a nutshell

By reading this article, you will better manage yourself to raise your child actively. It will avoid you from violence. It will enhance family consent through an understanding the Rights of the Child. This will help your child understand her rights and responsibilities.

If you promote human rights in your child, it will label her ideal personality. You will be able to provide protection.

While educating your child, you make sure that it must teach your child how to adopt morality, spirituality and honesty in her life.

One scholar, W. E. B. Du Bois has said, “Education must not simply teach work . . . it must teach life.”

(Raising children)

By: Prof Ajmal Dass Jaipal

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