Positive Discipline Strategies

5 Positive Discipline Strategies for Effective Parenting

For maintaining discipline in family and children, some parents adopt positive discipline strategies while others become negative ones. As a parent, understand this fact thoroughly that rearing children is one of the most significant as well as challenging tasks on this planet earth.

Your parenting strategies can either make or break the personality of your child. So, be very careful in using discipline strategies.

Positive discipline strategies

Adopt the following positive discipline strategies during the process of parenting and enjoy your journey of nurturing your children.

Be an authoritative parent

Authoritative parenting style is an amazing style of parenting among the four parenting styles which are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved parenting styles. Balance between demandingness and responsiveness is the key to effective parenting which is present only in authoritative parenting style.

Infuse emotional intelligence in your child

The most powerful thing in this world motivating you to take any action is your emotions which can be either harmful or beneficial ones depending on their nature. Understanding your own emotions is the first step of becoming the driver of your own life.

First of all, absorb the basic philosophy of emotional intelligence and then, inculcate it in your children. If you have got success in infusing emotional intelligence in your children, you already have got an excellent level of success in effective parenting.

Coach your child, not impose orders

Coaching your child is far better than imposing orders without arousing your child’s interest and giving logic. During coaching of your child, you ask power questions from your child and force her to ponder on her attitude, behavior, decisions etc.

Contrary to this, nobody wants to be governed or ordered. Your child is no exception in this case. Whatever you, as a parent, want from your child, give logic of that thing with love and care showing empathetic attitude. Your kind and empathetic coaching behavior with your child will help you winning your child’s trust and love leading her on the path of success and happiness which is the ultimate goal of good parenting.

Provide constructive environment

One of the basic positive discipline strategies of great parenting is to provide constructive environment to your child as much as is possible and as soon as is possible. Sometimes, in combined families, provision of constructive environment may be difficult but without constructive and healthy environment, your dream of shaping your child into a great personality might come true.

Simply, provide healthy, happy and conducive environment to your child so that she may be able to spread these positive qualities in return.

Focus on training, not punishment

Some parents take the help of punishment to maintain discipline which is not a right approach because punishment results in fear and lack of confidence. Along with this, a lot of punishment imposed on the children makes them stubborn which is not a good trait. Authoritarian parents do these types of mistakes by becoming more demanding but not responsive.

In a nutshell: positive parenting strategies

Positive strategies have the power to align your parenting process and can make you a great parent.

Wish you a happy and successful parenting journey.

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