Homeschooling: An Amazing Concept to Teach your Child

There are still some parents who prefer homeschooling in this modern age of science and technology, showing distrust on the orthodox education system. You might be annoyed to listen to the word, “orthodox education system” as a lot of progress has been made in the current system of education.

But keep in mind that in spite of all this advancement, fear factor and limiting the potential of the children who are blessed with unlimited potential are still prevailing in education system in one way or the other.

Role of Pre-Schooling in Holistic Education and Parental Responsibility

I want you to keep in mind that preparation for schooling is called pre schooling and this used to be the responsibility of parents, not schools. Now, due to the commercialization of education, parents don’t know this fact and start sending their children, forgetting their own responsibilities. I, Prof Ajmal Dass Jaipal, am an educationist and not against education system, but have the burning desire to rectify the wrong trends.

Many countries including Finland and Japan start formal education after the age of seven years and teach at home before this age. In this way, child enjoys her childhood which helps her in blooming in many aspects.

Empowering Parental Guidance

In this context, homeschooling is the best option for those parents who are sensitive to such things as sub conscious beliefs leading to success and happiness.

As a parent, like me, if you are well aware of child psychology and educational philosophy, you can be an exemplary parent performing as a homeschooling tutor. Basically, flexibility and imagination are two distinct traits which in the formal schooling are mostly either crushed or ignored subconsciously, but you, as a sensible parent, can save your child from such a situation.

One thing, I want to clarify here is that education system does not do it intentionally. It been trained in such a way, so blame goes on capitalism to much extent, as education system has become a tool in the hands of capitalistic society. Now, education system is also working as an industry planning to gather as much capital as is possible by hook or by crook.

As a reaction of all these challenges, homeschooling is the best option, especially at pre schooling level. If you are educated enough and have sheer interest to spare time for your child, you ought to teach by following some time table observing time management strategies. It will lead you to good parenting.

Outsourcing Education (Homeschooling)

On the other hand, due to less education or busy schedule of your business or job, you have the option to arrange a teacher at home. Your responsibility is to inculcate rules of homeschooling in the tutor and make it sure that everyone at home is following those rules and regulations.

This single thing does have the potential of making your vision of homeschooling a beautiful reality leading your child to be a shining star having the qualities of confidence, flexibility and imagination beyond limits.

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