5 ways to build Friendship with your Kid

5 Ways to Build Friendship with your Kid

5 Ways to build friendship with your kid: dear parent, having the deep knowledge of the ways to build friendship with your kid is mandatory for good parenting. No doubt, every parent wants to see her child strong in physical, emotional, intellectual and social domains of life, but some parents lag far behind in providing such environment.

Feeling of happiness, passion of achievement and sense of security which play a decisive role in shaping future life of child are provided by parents. In this article, let us try to understand 5 ways to build friendship with your kid.

Be an attentive and empathetic listener

Even though we speak more and listen less, we should speak less and listen more as nature has given us one tongue, but two ears. Listening attentively and emphatically is one of the best ways to enter in the heart of your child.

This point has also been emphasized by Dale Carnegie in his world-famous book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. So, listen to your child by connecting with her inner feelings which mostly remain hidden from the eyes of an authoritarian parent. Finally, be an authoritative parent by connecting strongly with your child.

Spend quality time with your child

Most of the parents claim that their children are very important for them, but subconsciously they don’t manage quality time for their kids. Dear parent! Beware of this type of mistake during your parenting journey as it becomes the main cause of dysconnectivity between you and your child.

The best solution of this problem is to spare quality time for your kid and spend it in a lively, enjoying and memorable way.

Identify your child’s personality type

Having the deep knowledge of your child’s personality type leads you to be an authoritative parent which is the best one among all parenting styles. We are a team teaching in a center named Falcon Computer Academy where a parent came and started comparison between two sons in front of them. I requested him not to do so as it was like a murder to compare the personalities.

Actually, God has sent every person with some unique qualities and our role as a parent is to help our child identifying and utilizing that core potential blessed by nature. Gardner’s 9 types of intelligence can help you a lot to understand this concept leading you to good parenting.

Express your feelings of love

Some parents may think that expression of love with the children is not of much importance but it needs instant response and feed back in certain situations. It is a common observation that many parents feel shy in expressing their love, but when you do this activity in a lighter mode, you get mastery as the time passes. So, don’t feel shy in showing and expressing your love when there is some get together.

Respect your child’s emotions and thoughts

Dear parent! Emotional intelligence for parents is of core value in good parenting in this age of social media and advanced technology of 21st century. It is very strange but true that we as human beings are emotional creature, not logical one.

So, try to understand and accept the emotions of your child. Resultantly, your child will also respect your feelings and emotions with the passage of time. This is a sure way to have a happy and successful parenting life.

Conclusion (5 Ways to Build Friendship with your Kid)

Cultivating a strong parent-child bond is essential. By employing the five strategies to build friendship, you create a foundation of trust and connection that lasts a lifetime.”

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