build friendship with your kid

6 Ways to Build Friendship with Your Kid

Having knowledge and understanding about the ways to build friendship with your kid is a boon in this age where people have less time for the family and children. Psychologically, everyone in the world wants to love and be loved, and this is at peak level in the children. As a parent, definitely, it would be your burning desire to have friendly atmosphere with your child.

As your child enters in teen age, her preferences and priorities are changed. She is no more a small child that can be treated in an ordinary way of authoritarian parenting style. She needs friends and if you upgrade and prepare yourself up to her level of understanding and thinking, there are chances for you to have your child as a good friend.

Keep in mind that your child does not know how to be flexible, but you know; so, by being flexible, lenient and soft, you can increase your chances to help your child have a great and successful life which is full of beloved friends.

Now, be ready to know about the 6 ways to friendship with your kid.

Make life time commitment with your kid

Giving surety to your kid that whatever happens in life and whatever situations come in life, you will remain with your kid is one of the sure ways to build friendship with your kid. Your surety to live with your child in all the conditions –either favorable or unfavorable- helps your child remain confident on you as a friend.

Know about your child deeply

Being the student of your child may help you to be the friend of your child as you start knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your child. Your child is the combination of some qualities instilled by nature and you as a parent ought to know your child as you can be the best possible person to know about your child.

Mostly, parents of developing and underdeveloped countries are unaware of the process to apply the formula of SWOT analysis on their children resultantly the wasting of their potential.

Touch & hug your child

Research has shown that the children who are hugged and touched tenderly by their parents as a token of love are more likely to live happily and have long life as compared to those who are not touched and embraced.

While touching and embracing, some hormones of happiness are released which give sense of pleasure and sensation to your child.

So, for being friend of your child, make it sure to keep on touching on regular basis.

Schedule quality time together

Scheduling quality time together with your child may prove one of the surest ways to friendship with your kid. Dear parent, you may know that most of the parent in the whole world cannot give quality time to their kids. Instead of spending quality time, parents snatch and waste the time of kids by watching movies with them or going to the park.

The main point to understand regarding quality time is this that your child must enjoy with you, not with the gadgets and things. When you are equipped in such a way that your child starts enjoying your company by doing different things, you are on the way of effective and good parenting.

Switching off electronic gadgets can help you making your time quality time because you are able to enjoy each other’s’ company, not of gadgets. By adopting this technique, you can save your child from different modern problems of teenagers, especially sexting.

Spare as much time as is possible

Normally, you try to spare time with your friends; now start spending as much time as you can manage and your relationship will be being held on sound basis. Both your child and your time are invaluable things; so, unite these two things and get fantabulous results.

Be an empathetic listener for your child

As a parent, I myself have experienced that parents’ empathetic listening can help parents to understand their child to much extent. Among the different types of parenting styles, authoritative parenting is the ideal one and among the safest ways to build friendship with your kid.

In a nutshell (Build friendship with your kid)

This article, “6 ways to build friendship with your kids” is a wonder piece of writing that can help you enjoying a friendly life with your kids. Every point is important among six ways to build friendship with your kid but spending quality time with your child can be of paramount importance.

I wish you enjoy a friendly, happy and successful parenting.

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