Average Parents VS Smart Parents

Average Parents VS Smart Parents

Average Parents vs Smart Parents. Are you an average parent or a smart parent? Your answer may be “a smart parent” But if you have the following qualities, you are a smart parent; if you don’t have, then do extra effort to inculcate these qualities in your parenting style and make it more effective.

So, let us examine these qualities of a smart parent and compare it with an average parent.

A smart parent tells the reason

If you are a wise and sensible parent, don’t leave your child in confusion. Tell everything in detail what is right or wrong and explain the reason of being one thing right and other one wrong. But average parent doesn’t tell the reason.

Having a clarity of reason your, child will come out of ambiguous situation and her future life will be based on solid foundations.

In the childhood phase, every child has a deep urge to know the reason of every happening. She asks many questions and if you are able to tackle those questions sensibly, your child will turn into genius.

So be ready for your journey from average parenting to smart one. If you are already on your way of smart parenting, move ahead and learn more about the qualities of an affective and smart parent.

A smart parent has open communication

Open and effective communication with your child can make her a happy and successful child. The reason behind this is that your child will feel herself out of stress and fear. Whatever your child feels, she starts to discuss with you.

This quality makes you a smart parent because it breaks the barriers between you and your child.

So, try to develop the culture of open communication with your family and children and make your and your children’s life full of happiness and blissfulness.

Country to that, an average parent is not used to communicating openly and communication between an average parent and her child has many barriers.

A smart parent sets an example

Whatever you desire from your child to do, start exercising that thing in your life and get the desired results. It is a thoroughly researched fact that children don’t follow what you say. Rather, they follow, what you do. So, improve yourself before improving your children.

An Average parent does not set any example for her child to follow while a smart parent presents herself as a role model.

For example, if you are at home but refuse to meet with some person standing on the gate by telling a lie that you are not available at home, you are subconsciously infusing this bad habit in your child.

If you have the habit of helping the needy and poor, your child definitely will adopt this quality. So, be a role model for your child and help your child making solid patterns of her life in this modern and challenging world.

Dear parent, it in now appropriate time to present yourself as a role model and leave average parenting model.

A smart parent reaches the root of the issue

There are always at least two perspectives to see a challenge. Some people focus on the problem; other on the solution.

In case of any issue, a smart parent focuses on the solution while an average parent concentrates on the problem.

Focusing on the problem takes you nowhere but if you pay attention to the solution of the problem, you will somehow find a solution.

Apply this formula in small tasks of your life in front of your child and get wonderful results.

Celebrating Individuality is essence of a smart parent

God has not given everything to us but God has bestowed something special hat is different from other. But average parent mostly doesn’t know this fact. When you say your child to be like this person; you as a parent murder the individuality of your child.

To pinpoint that individuality in our child spent maximum time with your child. By doing so, you will come to now the pros and cons of your child’s personality. Help your child polish the qualities and minimize the drawback of personality. By doing so, your child will be thankful to you for this special favor.

Father in children is the characteristic of smart parent: –

Every child has some God-gifted qualities and parents’ trust and faith in child’s potential can be of extreme importance in utilizing those qualities.

World is full of such success stories in which parent’s faith in children enabled them to overcome the deficiencies and pace towards greater success. Malala Yousaf Zai, Ibraham Lincoln and Arfa karim, are some example out of thousands of success stories. They all got success and fame only because of the faith of their smart parent in their children’s hidden talent. On the other hand, average parent is lagging far behind in case of faith.

Mistakes are good, average parents vs smart parents

Mistakes are good

For getting success, experience is important but sometimes good experience come from bad experience. I mean to say that people learn by committing mistake and for maximum learning you should also allow your child to commit some mistake. 

If your child is fearful in committing mistake it will not be possible for her to try and experience new things. So, as a smart parent you ought to allow your child to commit some mistake (not compulsory, but if by chance it happens) to learn better and be successful.   

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