Necessary to Punish Children

Is it Necessary to Punish Children?

The question that either punishment or discipline is effective to shape children’s character is as old as man is. Children have to be sharp minded if they want to be successful in their future life. Some folk think it is very beneficial for youngsters studying in the school to understand the importance of things which are harmful or beneficial for them.

Balancing Discipline

To learn the different things, some people think punishment is compulsory for them. In this essay I will support both points i.e., punishment or softness with some examples.

To begin with, there are many reasons to support this notion that children can learn without punishment. Kids in the earlier age have soft minds and can learn things easily, so teachers do not have to punish youngsters.

Discipline Strategies in Education

Some soft words and lessons from teacher might have great influence on the minds of students. Punishment can cause negative feeling on the minds of kids. Furthermore, there are some cases in which teacher has to treat with strict behavior when the students are not setting the point or committing non-sense behavior during the lessons.

So, to teach and restrict them from these activities, mentors have to punish them like they might order to stand or send students to principal office to warn them. 

Harmonizing Discipline

On the other hand, individuals supporting the statement that punishment is compulsory for teaching lessons think like making noise in class should be punished. In this way, they will be taught better lessons of life and might not commit some serious types of crime like robbing things of others.

In my opinion, both teachers and parents can give penalty to their kids but it should not restrict the time which children spend in doing outdoor activities. In this way youngsters can be punished in such a way which does not have negative impact on their minds.

Conclusion (Necessary to Punish Children)

To sum up the article, “Is it necessary to punish children?”, punishment to children is compulsory in some cases, but kids can learn these important lessons of life with love as well if the parents and teachers are well trained in teaching soft skills of life. (Is it Necessary to Punish Children?)

Written by: Rida Fatima

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