Childhood criminality and Parenting

Childhood Criminality and Parenting

Childhood criminality and Parenting, With the passage of time, thoughts, behaviors and actions of man have been changing owing to the present knowledge and challenges. These days, kids and youngsters are adopting immoral and unwanted attitude. They are showing aggression in their expressions as well as manners leading to childhood criminality.

Upcoming debate will narrate the reasons why such childhood criminality is increasing among children and how they can be tackled out.

Factors of childhood criminality

Here are six main factors owing to which criminality among children is rising.

Lack of Parenting Skills

From the birth to the end, man always tries to copy the actions and behaviors of the people he likes. He spontaneously takes his parents and other people in his surroundings as role models for he himself desires to be one of them.

The attitudes, behaviors, expressions, the tone and the words uttered by parents influence children’s personality at subconscious level of memory. If parents are courteous and well-mannered, the child will also have these characteristics.

Similarly, the toddler will show aggression, cruelty and immorality as performed by the parents. As a matter of fact, children are indistinguishable to books with blank pages in which anything can be written to turn them into a philosopher or a joker or a criminal. It is up to the parents, what they want their child to be.

This is why, positive and effective parenting skills are essential for taking the edge off the criminality among children.

Abuse of Modern Technology

With the electronic revolution, screen technology has also improved which turned black and white large sized screens into small, handy, colorful, and lush displays. These luxuriant displays have fascinated everyone including kids, youngsters and elders as well.

Nowadays, movies, various kinds of videos and video games are on their peak and sharpening the thoughts and views of the users.

To some extent, screen technology is also responsible for criminality among children as different problems such as health problems, lack of quality sleep, relationship and social skills issues are being caused by overuse of mobile phone and internet.

Video Games & Movies

At present, video games have become the most popular stuff among children and adults which are ruling over their thoughts. Majority of video games are based on violence and extreme content such as fighting, killing, thefting, robbing, aggressive driving, sexual contents and all kinds of immorality.

In many role playing games, the player has to kill people for money. The acts performed in these games become a part of the player’s personality, in some cases, which provokes childhood criminality.

Moreover, heroic representation of drugs usage and smuggling, fighting and killing in video games and movies amuses the viewers. No wonder if some eccentric takes them as role model and does something immoral or criminal.

The government can develop awareness and set limits for the games and movies described above owing to their negative effects. Additionally, parents ought to keep a close eye to their children’s pursuits which can prove fruitful in reducing childhood criminality.

Domestic Violence (Childhood criminality and Parenting)

Children and youngsters can be programmed in any desired way by dealing with them in such manners you want in their personality. It has been seen that some parents start slapping their young ones for making mischief which lowers self-confidence in their kids. Subsequently, domestic violence gives rise to immoral and criminal deeds in toddlers because they start hating parents.

Domestic Violence

Disrespectful attitude towards children and family members is sign of one’s poor manners. A home is the very first institution where kids take their first class to learn ethics and principles for living in a society. Polite and tolerant conduct at home shapes lenient and forbearing personality and vice versa.

Educational Burden

Unfortunately, in many countries, education is associated with too many subjects of syllabus. Alas! Children are supposed to be studying all the time. Some parents want their kids to be studying all the day though experts recommend max 4-5 hours study per day.

Irritability and frustration among Children are the consequences of overburden in schools as well as homework. They are becoming short tampered, intolerant and rebellious because they are allowed very short time to enjoy themselves.

The solution of this challenge is to give as much free time to play and fun as is possible because this strengthens their mind to think well, body to perform in the best possible way and emotions to regulate and utilize in a proper and effective way.

Yelling at Kids (Childhood criminality and Parenting)

Fragrant and colorful flowers beautify a garden; likewise, a society is adorned with children who are soft, delicate and fragile as flowers that demand love, benevolence and great care.

If one chooses harsh and strict behavior while dealing with them, it will turn these flowers into dry and deceased petals. Yelling at little ones lowers their self-confidence and makes them confused while expressing themselves as well as trying new adventures. As a consequence, they don’t grow mentally and remain fearful of asking questions.

As it is said that a good question is half of knowledge; they don’t question and deprive themselves from half of the knowledge.

Ways to tackle childhood criminality

The ratio of childhood criminality is dreadful and increasing day in and day out. Now, let us try to understand how to deal with childhood criminality in this challenging environment.

From the birth to the death, man keeps on learning different techniques, skills and facts which either grow faint or sharpen as the time goes by. Skills and attitude developed in one’s personality during early childhood years remain clung till death at subconscious level.

As a matter of fact, children’s psyche is like the ROM of computer in which new information can be written easily, however, modifying existing data may prove a hard nut to crack.

The things, ideas, ideology and moral values they learn in adolescence directly affect their actions and personality. Alternating childhood ideology as well as virtues can prove very challenging for not only themselves but also for their parents. Keeping the facts in mind, young offenders must be guarded closely and treated cautiously; otherwise, they might become rebellious and revengeful.

Forthcoming ways will describe what treatments and attitudes should be adopted to deal with childhood criminality.

Creating a Peaceful and Collaborative Environment

In the present era, technology is bringing ease, comfort and efficiency in the lives of human beings. Online education is customary in the present century; however, students are advised going to educational institutes.


This is because of the educational environment in schools and colleges. Studying in a supportive and collaborative domain increases the effectiveness of the education.

In the same way, creating an efficacious and courteous room at home will have motivational and encouraging effect on the thoughts and vision of the adolescents. A home is the very first institution where kids are educated ethically for becoming sensible and thoughtful personalities in the society.

Hence, constructing a collaborative and productive climate at home builds the qualities such as positive thinking and benevolence that lower criminality in the little ones who are the basis of the future world.

Providing Effective Education (Childhood criminality and Parenting)

Ingesting food is crucial for the survival of animals and human beings as well; along with this, knowledge is necessary for keeping man alive psychologically and emotionally. Adequate nourishment is necessary for a healthy mind and sound body while sufficient education is essential for bringing up a civilized and well-mannered soul.

Which is why, education plays a vital role in declining the anger and criminal psyche of toddlers.

Providing Effective Education

Freedom, fairness, morality, love and equality are the basis of a good society. Besides formal and informal education, moral education is also crucial for bringing up civilized, cultured and noble citizens. Factual and conceptual knowledge is taught in formal education, nonetheless, moral education will enable them to distinguish between right and wrong, helping, respecting and giving value to humanity.

Improving etiquettes of students will have an impact on their personality which consequently, will improve their inner souls and positive mindedness. In order to do this, first of all parents and secondly, educational institutes can play a notable part by behaving gently and benevolently.

In addition to, parents and mentors must take training sessions learning the techniques for tackling aggressive conducts of children.

Optimistic Cartoons and TV Programs

In the article, we’ve discussed that how video games and several kinds of videos are contributing in rising criminality among children. Now, we’ll chew over how these can be used to lower childhood criminality.

Since their creation, cartoons are attracting the attention of children because of the fun, positivity, hopefulness, kindness and vast world of imagination etc. The majority of cartoon viewers comprises of children. Anything they watch in the cartoons influences their personality. Let’s understand it from a real incident.

To understand it, first of all, I’ll recount the back story. There is a famous Cartoon TV show named as “Shiva”. In this show, Shiva is a boy whose key dialogue is “Don’t call me a child, uncle!” One day, my youngest cousin (he is four years old) was playing in the street. I said to him, “Go home and play inside, kiddo”. He replied, “Don’t call me a child, uncle!” He responded with the same expression and tone as Shiva says in the cartoons.

Optimistic Cartoons and TV Programs

We can make our children watch cartoons and TV programs that promote morality. Some famous cartoons that encourage kindness, honesty, curiosity and such other good things are Dora and Friends, Elena of Avalor, Arthur, Nutri Ventures and Sid the Science Kid.

In a nutshell

In this detailed research based article on childhood criminality, we have learnt the reasons of childhood criminality and ways to handle this challenge. In effective parenting, this article will help you to assess your parenting skills. Training of your child regarding handling and using modern gadgets sensibly and appropriately can lead you to handle childhood criminality. Childhood criminality and Parenting,

Wish you happy parenting

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