Components of Good Parenting

Key Components of Good Parenting

Basic information about the key components of good parenting is mandatory for successful parenting journey because without knowing the basic key factors of parenting, it is tough for you to parent your child.

Strengthening of roots is very important since strong roots can make strong tree. In the same way, strong key points of good parenting i.e., association, independency, and parental control will help you in your parenting process.

Let us understand one by one in detail.


Affection, attention, assistance, reverence, and discussion on differences are the key points to build association with your child. Without association, it is not easy to convince your child to some great thing.

A famous proverb says that first touch the heart, then ask for a hand is quite appropriate regarding association with your child.

Child needs attention; so, fulfill this basic need of attention of your child to upgrade connectivity. Along with attention, reverence is also very important for association building. Mostly, you, as a parent, love your child, but forget paying respect and reverence. Give respect to your child, and he will pay respect to you by modeling and following you.

Assistance in different issues of your child’s life is also effective and teaches your child the value of team work. Your child start learning that she cannot do many tasks alone as she needs team members to refurbish the aims of life; which is true.

Last but not least in building association with your child is managing the differences. Respecting and managing the differences are the core qualities of your leadership and effective parenting and you should have these qualities to build strong association with your child.

That’s all about the first key component of good parenting. And now, be ready for the next one, which is giving independency to your child.


Emotional and behavioral independency should be bestowed to your child, especially teenager. During childhood and adulthood, emotions are at the peak and understanding of such emotions will improve your parent style.

Setting boundaries for your child, giving clear instructions, offering sensible selection, cooperation, role modeling, allowing your child to make mistakes should be freedom criteria to give independence to your child.

To set boundaries for your child for doing something and not doing other one is quite beneficial for your child’s independence within limited framework.

In the same way, clear instructions about anything give message to your child that what is to be done in which style.

Along with this, choice should be given to your child otherwise she will be just a follower, not a leader in the future life to come. Freedom of choice gives the power of decision to your child but it should be from guided way keeping safety measures in hand.

Whatever instructions and boundaries you apply for your child, first of all, follow all these rules by role modeling as actions speak louder than words.

When your child does something to learn, she commits some mistakes; you, as a parent, should know that mistakes show that your child is learning.

As a parent, use these simple strategies to inculcate independency in your child.

Parental control

Parental control is also one of the best key components of good parenting. Its reason is that proper guidance and authoritative parenting style can help you in parental control. While controlling your child, there should be a balance between freedom and control keeping in mind that extreme behavior is not effective.

In a nutshell (Components of Good Parenting)

Fundamental key points of good parenting are very helpful during your journey of effective parenting. You know that effective parenting is quite challenging in this world of social media and internet but these key components of good parenting- association with your child, independence to your child and parental control will help you in being a successful parent.

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